By | December 15, 2016


Louis The Child and Pell Announce New Collab With Track "Turn Me Down" - EDMTunes

Louis The Child and Pell are joining forces for a new collaboration called Pellican Child and, as part of their announcement, have released their debut single titled ‘Turn Me Down’.

This is an intriguing new collaboration as the artists’ styles are different, yet we could see them flowing together very easily to make room for a new sound that people will love. It came as a result of spending a few days together in the studio, and we couldn’t be more pleased. Louis The Child’s tracks are typically melodic, fun and upbeat; Pell brings in more of a hip-hop angle and great vocals we can imagine will come hugely into play on their EP.

‘Turn Me Down’ is a well-produced track combining an upbeat, simple melody with Pell’s vocals that creates a genuine feel-good vibe. We’re on the lookout for their new EP coming in 2017 and have high hopes that it will be as great as their first track. Give it a listen here.