By | September 6, 2017

HipHopDX Premiere: Short Moscato has dropped a new video for “Mystery Flavored Xan Barz,” one 11 new tracks found on the Buffalo, New York native’s latest album, My First Pair Slippers. 

“When Wza played the beat for me the first time, it reminded me extreme euphoria — the kind you get when you’re peaking,” the rapper tells HipHopDX. When I peak, there’s usually a huge comedown. I use Xanax to help combat that. I don’t even think Xanax is all that sweet, but it helps me in those situations. I just pass out and wake up feeling better. This song is about all the 8,230 emotions that run through my head when I am high and how I cope with it.”

Check out the video and album stream above.