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50 Cent Wins Big in 'Power' Lawsuit

As a rapper, actor, and savvy business man, Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson is truly a jack all trades. Talent doesn’t come without its problems though. Following the success his STARZ drama series Power, 50 was accused jacking someone else’s idea and storyline for the show. According to

Famous Dex Rushed to the Hospital After Drinking Lean

After the unexpected overdose and death Lil Peep, a watchful eye has turned towards hip-hop’s youth. Following the “Benz Truck” rapper’s passing, Famous Dex gave fans more alarming news, as he was rushed to the hospital. The 24-year-old Chicago rapper was hospitalized after the overconsumption lean. While the

Nelly's Male-Only Concert in Saudi Arabia Causes Controversy

reactid="98">Nelly is receiving some major pushback after it was announced that he would be performing in the middle east.The St. Louis native is scheduled to perform in Saudi Arabia on December 14 in Jiddah alongside Algerian singer Cheb Khaled. Many Saudia's have said that they're not too pleased with Nelly coming

2 Chainz Reveals Plans to Run for Mayor in Georgia

Following entertainers-turned-pols Wyclef Jean, Killer Mike, and Arnold Schwarzenegger, 2 Chainz would like to add “politician” to his long list identifiers. After debating Nancy Grace about the legalization weed on HLN in 2015, the rapper’s fans called for him to look into a career in politics. Shockingly, he

Fraud Alert! Master P Sues Firm for Backing Out of His Weed Company

The last time Percy Robert Miller (Master P) was making noise he was talking to Tomi Lahren and slamming Kevin Hart’s efforts to raise money for Hurricane Harvey victims. Now he’s a victim, as Privateer, a “private equity firm shaping the future the global legal cannabis industry,” has pulled

Kanye West Countersued By Lloyd's Of London –

Kanye West’s touring company Very Good Touring didn’t get a dime in insurance money for ‘Ye’s canceled St. Pablo Tour because insurer Lloyd’s London argued Kanye’s drug use caused his tour ending mental breakdown. So earlier this summer VGT sued Lloyd’s for $9.8 million. They claim there is no