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Born in Ukraine, bred in Chi-Town, Stan Sono recently impressed the HipHopDx #LitnessTest judges with his enthralling single, “Damelo” and now the high definition music video is here. The track is produced by no sleep and the incredibly well-shot video is directed…Read More »

In May, the rumors swirled that Nas and Nicki Minaj were finally a couple. During an appearance on Ellen, Nicki copped to having “sleepovers” with Nas but claimed they didn’t have sex because she was staying “celibate” for the year. After that, there…Read More »

After much anticipation, and much teasing, Lil Uzi has finally given part 2 “Luv Is Rage” a release date, and it’s at midnight! Yes, we will finally get to hear what Uzi has been working on all this time. The last full…Read More »

Migos got kicked f their flight from Atlanta to Des Moines today. Was it because they were misbehaving or because they were black? Migos’s manager thinks it was racial priling, and makes that clear in the video below. Delta claims Migos repeatedly…Read More »

Kendrick Lamar’s track ‘DNA’ was almost as much a part the NBA Finals as Kevin Love. You heard the hit during commercial breaks and timeouts and probably had it in your head when you went to sleep after the game. The NBA…Read More »

It was only a short time ago that Gorillaz released their new album , and already they’ve dropped another new song that no one saw coming. Accompanied by a very trippy music video, “Sleeping Powder” really embodies the spirit classic Gorillaz music. The…Read More »