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Heading into 2017, there was a lot uncertainty as to what the new year would bring and how the next 365 days would play out. Some this apprehension can be attributed to the clean slate that a fresh calendar symbolizes, which is…Read More »

Born in Ukraine, bred in Chi-Town, Stan Sono recently impressed the HipHopDx #LitnessTest judges with his enthralling single, “Damelo” and now the high definition music video is here. The track is produced by no sleep and the incredibly well-shot video is directed…Read More »

In May, the rumors swirled that Nas and Nicki Minaj were finally a couple. During an appearance on Ellen, Nicki copped to having “sleepovers” with Nas but claimed they didn’t have sex because she was staying “celibate” for the year. After that, there…Read More »

After much anticipation, and much teasing, Lil Uzi has finally given part 2 “Luv Is Rage” a release date, and it’s at midnight! Yes, we will finally get to hear what Uzi has been working on all this time. The last full…Read More »