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XXXTentacion was sent to jail Friday morning after prosecutors handed down seven new felony charges related to his 2016 domestic violence case. The new counts include different degrees witness tampering and witness harassment. Prosecutors believe he coerced the ex-girlfriend he's accused beating. Earlier this month, she asked…Read More »

In case fans hadn’t pieced it together already, Tyrese does not like his ex-wife Norma Gibson. The three-year marriage ended in 2009, but, because the couple’s daughter Shayla, they’ve had to stay in contact. Things got so bad between them that Norma…Read More »

Russell Simmons has announced that he's stepping away from his businesses amid sexual assault allegations. Deadline reports that the mogul has been accused sexual assault by Jenny Lumet, the daughter director Sidney Lumet and the screenwriter  Rachel Getting Married and other films. In a…Read More »