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Report: New Eminem & Dr. Dre Music To Appear On 'Bodied' Soundtrack –

The Eminem and Paul Rosenberg produced battle rap movie Bodied premiered at the Toronto film festival on Friday night. The satire is getting solid reviews: Indie Wire called it the “most subversive hip hop movie ever But Eminem’s Stans were probably disappointed that Bodied didn’t have any new songs from Shady,

Chance The Rapper Apologizes For Disrespecting Dr. Dre –

During his Be Encouraged tour, proud indie artist Chance The Rapper went after the record industry. As his anti-label track ‘No Problem’ played, Chance lampooned the names the labels on the screen behind him. Chance The Rapper explains why he’s turned down millions from the labels.] Motown became

Here's How Pandora Just Brought In Almost $700 Million In Money

It’s been  for Pandora these past few months and it looks like they’re ‘out there like Michael Phelps’ with two savvy business moves that give them a strong injection capital to work with. Firstly, they received a strong investment $480million from satellite radio company Sirius XM and then floaded prized ticketing

Pierce Fulton – Listen To Your Mama

The fourth and final single from Pierce Fulton’s forthcoming debut album has finally arrived! “Listen To Your Mama” is a new take on familiar Fulton styles, once again showing his diversity as an artist. While sticking to the indie vibes, this track has much more “tribal” feel that comes from tracks like

Autograf's New Hit Single Was Co-Produced By The Chainsmokers [MUST LISTEN]

Autograf returns with yet another blissfully tranquil single “Simple” featuring Victoria Zaro. The song itself definitely has all the makings a sleeper indie dance hit thanks to Victoria’s soulful vocals and rocking live instrumentation. The most interesting thing about the song though is that once you dig through the for information on the