By | July 2, 2015

Stephen Colbert Interviews Eminem on Public Access Show

Michigan had a big surprise on a local show called Only in Monroe.

Long story short, Stephen Colbert took it over. It was an unexpected surprise for the town to see a megastar personality hosting their small time public access show. The comedic reporter casually turned around with a great, “Oh, hello!,” and began the show after watering fake plants. However the bigger surprise came 22 minutes in, when Eminem joined and did an interview with the substitute host.

Now, Eminem isn’t shy about expressing how he feels about the media. I mean he’s written countless songs about it. But this time, Em was in good spirits when he sat down with the Colbert Report host.

The “Michigander” native sat through a quite awkward interview while Stephen made small talk about what “feat.” means in a song title and tested how well he knows his Michigan state. Not to mention when he asked him, “Are you one of the slow talking rappers or one of the fast talking rappers?”

The interview is hilarious and you can’t miss Stephen give Eminem fashion tips. Watch the rest above. –Breanna Davis

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