By | August 5, 2015

Rita Ora Claims To Have Never Dated A$AP Rocky

Rita Ora has really been having it rough lately. From beefing Azealia Banks a few months back to being dissed by A$AP Rocky in one of this latest tracks,“Better Things”. Now Ora is back to set the record straight and many won’t like what she has to say, especially Rocky. The Roc Nation singer is reportedly claiming her and Rocky never dated.

Ora sat down with UK’s Glamour magazine to discuss it all. The interviewer for Glamour made a comment saying that Rocky’s comments “made him look bad.” Ora says it’s not about her, “I appreciate that… but it’s not about me. It’s about women. Disrespecting women. It’s not cool. There’s more to a person than who you’re dating… don’t disregard what I’ve done with my career because of someone that I was dating – if I was even dating that person. Which I wasn’t.”

“Let’s be very clear on that. I was not. And nor will I ever. What I’m saying is: it’s not cool that females always have that shadow on their back… and now I’m not talking about A$AP… I’m talking about everything I’ve experienced in my life.” Well there you have it. We wonder if A$AP will respond. We hope they can let bygones be bygones.-QueenxJHoney

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