By | August 18, 2015

Rihanna Kills Possible Relationship with NBA Baller Matt Barnes

Oh Matt Barnes, you won’t be a friend of the Navy for a while. There have been rumors lately that the Memphis Grizzlies NBA player is dating Rihanna, which he didn’t kill of but kind of instigated. Well, Rih has killed them.

In a video with TMZ Sports, Barnes claimed that he and Rihanna are friends but also stated “I think it just passed the crush stage, a little bit.” Making sure that it was known that it was all speculation on how far they have gone, the “BBHMM” singer has crushed all ambition he has to a potential relationship.

Taking to IG, Rih posted the TMZ clip with a onslaught of hash tags like #bishwhere and #shesnotintoyouatall that basically let Barnes and the world know that he won’t be her bae this upcoming NBA or cuffing season. Check out the post here.



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