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Words by Daniel Isenberg (@StanIpcus)

While other rap groups have come and gone over the years, legendary Bronx duo Camp Lo is still at it, cheffing up their unique brand of slang-heavy slickness. And this Tuesday, they’ll be releasing a brand new full-length project titled Ragtime Hightimes (full title is actually Ragtime Hightimes in a Padded Room of Pink Elephants Playing with Spiked Mushrooms, pre-order here), produced by the same man behind their classic 1997 debut Uptown Saturday Night and 21st century gems like “Ticket 4 2″—the one and only Ski Beatz.

We’re fired up for this new Camp Lo shit, because here at NahRight we have the utmost respect for the innovative flyness these two cats have given to the game during the past two decades. Hearing a full album of new Ski Beatz-produced Camp Lo tracks in 2015 is a blessing to say the least. And if everything is as fresh as “Black Jesus” and “Bright Lights,” we’re truly in for a treat.

To get warmed up for what we already know is going to be one of the dopest releases of the year, we got on the horn with Sonny Cheeba and Geechi Suede for our latest edition of Right or Nah? to see where they stand on a handful of current and relevant topics. The way it works is simple—if they fux with what we ask them about, it’s a RIGHT. If not, NAH. Ya dig? Now let’s get into it, you jive turkeys.

Right or Nah? with Camp Lo

1. Tidal

Sonny Cheeba: RIGHT. I don’t know the intricacies of it, though.

Geechi Suede: RIGHT. I don’t know the intricacies of it either, but if it’s evolving the culture, it’s alright with me. You have to pay for Tidal, right? Then that’s a better look, because there’s so many ways to get free music, so if someone’s creating something where the artist gets paid, I’m not mad at that.

Sonny Cheeba: Cats do get bread off that, but it ain’t like direct bread. It’s portions and shit. But I’m not mad at it. I think they got a different approach at going about it.

Right or Nah? with Camp Lo

2. Uptown Saturday Night remake with Denzel Washington and Will Smith

Sonny Cheeba: I’ve been hearing about that for years now. Remakes is all fine and dandy and all that, ya dig what I’m saying. But I believe there’s certain flicks [you can’t touch]. If they’re gonna keep it classic, then of course. Them dudes do what they’ve been doing for years. I think it would be entertaining.

I gotta see how they’re gonna do it. Initially, it’s like seeing someone do Cooley High over or something. I don’t really know about that. But the fact that I respect them two, I’ma say RIIIGHT.

Geechi Suede: RIGHT. I would like to see it, and I would like us to do the whole score for it.

Sonny Cheeba: Yup. We’d definitely have to be a part of that, jack. Word up.

3. Camp Lo x Bobby Shmurda “This is Hot, What” (Nappy DJ Needles Blend)

Geechi Suede: That’s a RIGHT.

Sonny Cheeba: I’m gonna say that’s a RIGHT, too. Cats been rocking to that [Bobby Shmurda] song for a minute. And to hear that blend, and it seemed it went together on deck, I’ma give it a RIIIGHT.

Geechi Suede: And shout out to Needles. He actually DJ’d for us a couple of times in St. Louis, so I was happy that he did that. It just kind of reintroduced the record to this [younger] audience. I thought it was ironic too, because we was in Japan when that record came out, and Chee was diggin’ the Shmurda record. And the fact that someone ended up doing it without us being like, “You should try this”…

Sonny Cheeba: I even threw it in the DJ set.

Geechi Suede: He even threw it in the DJ set when we was out there, so that was just trippy that [Needles ended up blending it with our record].

Sonny Cheeba: When you see everyone on the dance floor trying to imitate the Shmurda dance in Japan—that’s a whole other look right there. Word.

Stream/download HERE.

Right or Nah? with Camp Lo

4. “Lit”

Sonny Cheeba: I can rock with “lit.” I thought you were about to say, “We out here gettin’ this chicken.” That is the worst term for some damn cash I have ever heard in my life.

Geechi Suede: [Laughs.] I never heard that one.

Sonny Cheeba: “I’m gettin’ this chicken.” NAH, they can keep that. They doin’ it in Harlem. It’s catchin’ on, but I hope it don’t catch on.

Geechi Suede: It might end up being like a “fleek,” man.

Sonny Cheeba: [Laughs.]

Geechi Suede: [Laughs.]

Sonny Cheeba: But I’m not mad at “lit.” RIGHT.

Geechi Suede: I’m not mad at “lit” either. RIGHT.

Sonny Cheeba: No narcissism involved, it’s a possibili-tay [that the popularity of “lit” can be traced back to the “Luchini” chorus]. [Laughs.] But nah, really, I don’t think so.

Twenty years later, we been there, and did that. We got some new slang terms. You could come up with a slang term that could just last one weekend. We’ll burn it down one weekend, and won’t use it again. New slang terms are always coming up.

Right or Nah? with Camp Lo

5. Selfies

Sonny Cheeba: I feel the same way about selfies as I do about the Instagram puckering up chicks be doing. For every Instagram flick, you’re gonna see some puckers, somewhere. So, I’m kinda alright on it, myself. NAH. [Laughs.]

Geechi Suede: That’s a RIGHT for me, depending on the situation. Usually, I like to capture the whole scene head to toe. I just did one the other day. There was these flowers behind me, and I wanted to show how the flowers matched off the brim of my hat.

Sonny Cheeba: [Laughs.]

Geechi Suede: So I squatted down and just clapped it. So, it’s a RIGHT for me, depending on the situation—people seeing me take a selfie is probably the wrong situation. I don’t want to get caught. [Laughs.]

Pics via Geechi Suede’s Instagram.

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