By | June 7, 2018

Rico Nasty on how identifying as her artist persona has helped her find confidence:

“I’ve been Rico since 10th grade. And a lot shit comes with being Rico. Her life is a lot different than Maria’s. Maria was afraid everything. Like, afraid the dumbest shit. Like roller coasters.”

On her loyal fanbase:

“If I fuck up at this stage in my career, I don’t have the kind fans that will disappear if I made a mistake.”

On her identity fluidity in her style:

“This is always how I wanted to dress, and now I just have money. You buy everything on that wish list, you’re gonna look kind weird sometimes.”

On art and music as public property:

“When your art] is out there], someone might have an opinion on it, might want to steal it, might want to remix it, might want to DJ it, might want to chuckle through it. Once that shit is out there you’re giving your song away, you’re sharing it. You can’t be so upset that people start copying, that’s a sign success.”