By | July 27, 2015

Recap: Jeezy Takes Atlanta to Hip-Hop Church At His TM 101 Anniversary Concert

In a world of music, where a genre such as hip-hop is ever changing, it’s not easy to hold onto the “day one” fans who fell in love with an original sound. As times change, so does the music, and the popularity of sounds can decrease, or increase, at any point. For Jeezy, however, it’s safe to say that his discography may be timeless, and so is his increasing fan base. Last night, the rapper took the Fox Theatre stage in his hometown of Atlanta, where he prepped a vivacious audience for what they thought would be a performance of his debut album, TM 101, in its entirety. What they got instead, however, was more than their hip-hop dreams could even fathom.

The spirit of the A was felt before Jeezy even hit the stage. With chants of his infamous hooks echoing out of the mouths of some of his most enthusiastic admirers, it was clear that this crowd would not be wasting a second of Jeezy’s set time. Soon, the lights dim down, and the energy begins to rumble through the steeply-seated venue. A full band starts to play the introduction track from the 10-year-old album, but no sign of Jeezy just yet. Within a minute, we see a figure appear, and by the sounds of the crowd up front, it’s evident that the Snowman has taken the stage. In a moment of irony, the entire venue sees everyone standing up and cheering before Jeezy even begins the first track, “Standing Ovation.” No one can deny his greatness, and soon enough into show, everyone will see his performance magic.

The Snowman makes sure that not a moment is wasted in front of his loyal people, as he runs through some of his album’s biggest anthems, including the title track, “Let’s Get It,” “Bottom of the Map,” and “Last Of A Dying Breed.” Speaking on his return to his home town, his 2005 single “My Hood” pumps through the speakers, giving Atlanta residents an exclusive bond with Jeezy. “Tonight, I’m the Pastor, and this gon’ be my temple, motherf*cker,” he teases to the crowd. As he has the DJ bring in the beginning of “Bang,” a person emerges from the shadows. It’s rapper T.I., another Atlanta veteran, who reminds us why him and Jeezy are crowned near-royalty in the Southern hip-hop streets. Joining the two on stage for the song’s full feature list is Lil Scrappy. By the incessant cheering from the audience, the energy has reached an all-time high, and it’s understood that this is the beginning of an even more epic night for Atlanta.

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