By | July 12, 2015

New Music: Eric Bellinger Feat. T-Boz- ‘Creep’

Eric Bellinger had the pleasure of stepping into the studio with the infamous TLC’s T-Boz to do a “Creep” remix.

The song is a slower mix to the original that gives it more of a romantic style. However, it kept the background horns that can’t help but make you remember the trio dancing in their silky PJs.

Now we all know “Creep” was original about a woman feeling free to “explore her options” when her man isn’t doing right. Well, this updated 2015 version has a male response to the thought of creeping on his lady.

“I will never creep on, you
Ever since I made it to the money
Been so many ladies around me
But you know you the only one for me
Even with all the ladies around me

Of course T-Boz hasn’t lost it when she responded to the lovesick¬†Eric:

“You still got my attention boy, you onto something
Creep on you nigga, why would I ever, ever
You could be the one man that could get it from me
So you can leave your heart open, fall in love in slow motion
To call me your dime is a victory”

Enjoy the amazing version to this oldie, but goodie throwback below.


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