By | June 30, 2015

For everything that's changed, in the most fundamental ways the music industry is the same as it's been for decades. Artist suddenly appear with huge hits and then just as quickly disappear…except when they don't. It's rare, but there are always brand new artists who are only a few years away from becoming veteran artists, and the thrill of discovery is in trying to predict which way they'll fall. 

Case in point, Natalie La Rose. You may not realize it, but her single “Somebody” is a huge hit. I mean huge. We're talking 67 million views on YouTube, chart positioning across the globe, she's a big deal right now and it's easy to see why. She's from Amsterdam, so she's got some internation appeal, she's gorgeous, she's got a malleable voice that works well on pop/R&B records, and she's got connections with everyone from Pitbull to Fetty Wap.  

All that might be enough to turn her into the next Rihanna, or not. Right now her fate is an open book, and that's the most interesting part of any artist's journey. Check out her full interview at All Access to learn more about La Rose and places your bets for future stardom accordingly. 

Natalie La Rose Opens Up About Her Smash Hit “Somebody”


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