By | August 6, 2015

Keeping It Civil With Karen: Episode 2 – Casey Veggies

Our very own Karen Civil has recently launched her brand new podcast “Keeping It Civil With Karen.” The inaugural episode started off with Bompton’s own YG and today, KC returns with episode number 2 featuring Casey Veggies.

The in-depth conversation covered a slew of topics mainly surrounding Casey’s upcoming debut album Live & Grow as well as his very successful clothing line and store Peas N Carats. Casey reminisces on how he started his own clothing line and clothing store and how successful he’s been thus far, using other west coast artists for inspiration, how much he’s changed since his last two projects Life Chanegs and Fresh Veggies with Rockie Fresh, which artists and producers will be on the project (Mustard, Hit-Boy, Ty $, Dom Kennedy, and more), the inspiration behind his album cover, his relationship with his family, going on his first European store soon and much more.

Casey also spoke about his falling out with Anwar, his old business partner, and said it was all a misunderstanding and he believes the two can work again in the future. He closes with talking about the gift and the curse of social media and whether or not he ever feels under-appreciated.

Take a listen below to Karen and Casey’s conversation to learn more about the west coast artist. Live & Grow coming soon!

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