By | August 5, 2015

Fabolous Talks On His Artistic Past With Billboard Magazine

It’s not often that Fabolous gets personal with his fans, unless it’s on his music, but he’s starting to open up more and more.

The Brooklyn native has been in the music game for over a decade, but he’s just now giving us a walk through his artist past via a tour of the Jean-Michel Basquait exhibit.

During a feature story in Billboard Magazine, Fab spoke on his artistic past, and even shared some of his obsession with sneakers, which is a bit more known to fans.

He tells the outlet, “Before I was a musician, I drew,” he tells Billboard. “The housing projects in Brooklyn weren’t much of a canvas, people didn’t know that I had it in me — but I actually went to an art and design high school.”

Check out Fabolous’ photo in Billboard on the following page, and watch him reveal his artist past here.

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