By | May 5, 2018

When it comes to the hip-hop community and the artists at the forefront, there’s a nice diversity in the music we get and the people who create it. While no style hip-hop is necessarily “better” than another, there’s just something about that gritty, real-life, raw hip-hop that impacts us in a totally different way.

Which is why for our latest episode “Welcome To My Neighborhood” on Civil TV, we made sure to link up with one the grittiest, realest, and rawest them all: Sacramento’s own Mozzy.

The brash storyteller took us on a journey through the streets Sac town where Mozzy became the man he is today. From his childhood neighborhood to his Grandmother’s house, we were brought up to speed on what life was truly like in the “slimey” parts town, as Mozz refers it to.

But the beautiful part Mozzy’s reflection is how he no longer has to live the lifestyle he once did. “God is good,” Mozzy says. “God does work in mysterious ways because] we weren’t supposed to make it out this mother f*cker. This here is set up to trap us.” He adds, “For us to make it out and to be winning is a miracle.”

The west coast spitter also broke down what life in jail was like and how, as obvious as this may be, is really nothing anyone should want to experience. That said, Mozzy’s take on going to jail might differ from most.

“I see jail as a place to rebuild yourself,” Mozzy explains. “Need to re-learn responsibilities, stop with the gangster shit, all that.”

Later in the day we went to one Mozzy’s favorite restaurants, Flowers Fish Market, where we got the rundown on the proper way to order and what to get (sweet potato pie and tilapia plate, obviously). Piece advice if you want to eat good in Sacramento – roll around with Mozzy. He later took us through the studio where he broke down his writing/recording process, what to expect from his new album and much more.

People from Mozzy’s neighborhood rarely make it out, let alone achieve some the things Mozzy’s already done. Learning about his upbringing, his mindset, and his passion for Sacramento bred a new level respect and appreciation we already have for the hitmaker. We expect this new episode to have the same effect on you.

With that being said, enjoy our latest episode “Welcome To My Neighborhood” Civil TV below! Leave a comment with your thoughts.