By | August 12, 2015

Chance the Rapper Taps Noname Gyspsy for ‘Israel (Sparring)’

Chance the Rapper has been noted to be very interesting lyrically. In his latest track , he took those talents to talk about race during ancient Egyptian times in “Israel (Sparring).”

He teamed with Noname Gypsy over a soft beat to channel topics of biblical discussion. Chance uses the phrase, “Sparing is training” in relation to the Old Testament story of Jacob “struggling” with an angel and overcoming trials, which then changed his name to Israel.

“Jacob wrestled with God, in the desert ’til he broke him
And he blessed him and he rescued his heart

I struggle with love, I juggle my loves
I cuddle and coddle, ship wrecking bottle, I huddle in hugs
Sparring is training brah, Ramses watching raining frogs”

He also acknowledged the new maturity he has to face now that he will be a father.

“Picture me, fifth of Hennessy and the swisher sweet
Fake identity, ’til a plug named Trinity shook me
“Wake up, wake up” like remember me?
Said one plus one make three, and you finna see
You ain’t as grown as you finna be
You got them young n*gga tendencies”

Live in Chance’s poetic thoughts in “Israel (Sparring)” below.

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