By | May 26, 2018

GOOD Music President Pusha T, released his third solo project ‘DAYTONA‘ on Friday, then all hell broke loose. Push ended the project on a track called “Infared,” where the rapper takes aim at Cash Money Records, dissing Birdman and Lil Wayne while also dropping a jab about “Quentin Miller” ghostwriting for Drake that references the roots his not so current  beef with Meek Mill.

Push, on a press run fueled those rumors about the song stating he was taking what people were saying in the streets and online as a reason to speak on it. “Infrared is just me talking to everybody, I’ve addressed a lot these things and I’ve taken heat for a lot these things.…] Now its ok to kill ‘Baby’ but niggas looked at me like I really killed a baby.”

When asked on how the beef began, Push said that the internet basically claimed Lil Wayne took his style and he never fed into it, but didn’t see the need to stop it. Lil Wayne has even taken to twitter in 2014 to address the rumors stating

“@LilTuneChi: Fuk pusha t and anybody that love em” which has since been deleted. But what wasn’t deleted was Pusha’s response to Lil Wayne during a public twitter rant where Wayne claimed he wanted “f” Cash Money.

A Comprehensive Look At The Drake vs. Pusha T Timeline

Pusha T has been taking what could be seen as subliminal jabs at Wayne & Cash Money since 2012’s “Exodus 23:1”

A Comprehensive Look At The Drake vs. Pusha T Timeline

Drake responded to 2012’s “Exodus 23:1” with the intro to his ‘Nothing Was The Same’ project calling Pusha ‘a bench player acting like a starter’. A video Push in the club Friday during a listening session the album would go viral with him mouthing the lyrics and further flooding speculation beef. Then the clock began.

No less than 24 hours into the release ‘Daytona’, Drake responds with ‘Duppy Freestyle‘

Already raking in over 4 million streams, Drake takes shots at, well pretty much everyone, including some particulars he had never really shared before.

Pusha T would respond Twitter 

His response to Pusha’s “Quentin Miller” line wouldn’t go unanswered either:


“Q”uentin Miller would also go on to respond Twitter


Not too long after Pusha’s tweet, Drake fired back by sharing an actual invoice, and upped the amount from $20,000 to a cool $100,000 for “Promotional assistance and career reviving.”

“Don’t PUSH me when I’m in album mode.” Drake even hit a not so subliminal jab to Pusha T’s longtime girlfriend whom he recently engaged in 2017 with a pretty massive ring.

“Look, holla at me when you multi-million/I told you keep playing with my name and Imma let it ring on you like Virginia Williams/I’m too resilient, get out your feelings.”

Multiple Grammy and Oscar winning songwriter Rhymefest who is also Co-founder Kanye West’s Donda’s House charity and co-writer Ye’s hit ‘Jesus Walks’ chimed in on Saturday.

Donda’s House, Inc just released a statement yesterday (May 26th) about Kanye West & his recent involvement in the media.


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