By | July 16, 2015

50 Cent Talks His Bankruptcy on ‘Conan’

50 Cent has been making appearances everywhere as apart of his press run for his upcoming film Southpaw. The movie will hit theaters next Friday but you can catch him tonight on Conan.

Appearing along side of the late night talk show host, 50 Cent takes on the hot topic of his bankruptcy and giving insight on how his Instagram posing next to a Smart Car poking fun at the economic decision came about. Calling himself a “bullseye” 50 stated that the decision to do bankruptcy was to protect him.

As far as the post bankruptcy Instagram post, 50 Cent disclosed that the picture was actually taken by Southpaw costar Jake Gyllenhaal, who thought it was a good idea for him to take the picture i an empty parking lot and air dropped it to him.

During his time with Conan, 50 also talked about his cover of Muscle & Fitness, intimacy and joking about Diddy’s recent run in with the law. Be sure to check out Conan tonight (July 15) on TBS at 11/10c.

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