By | November 22, 2017

After weeks speculation, it appears that Cam’ron and Juju have separated. Cam’s ex confirmed their separation after she engaged in a clap back session with Instagram user @aroxxb, Cam’s alleged new girlfriend.

According to VH1, Juju was replying to a fan who fered her support for the Love & Hip Hop star.

"Girl! For someone who had to chuck the deuces after 12 years myself, I just had to get on here and give you your kudos! It takes a tremendous amount strength to walk away from someone you spent so much time with," the fan wrote. "I know you’re probably tired everyone commenting on it but thank you. Just seeing another woman smile and enjoy herself after walking away, inspires other women like myself in similar situations to continue to move forward."

Juju replied, “Definitely not easy… But God Prayer fixes everything… even broken hearts.”

Another fan commented, “How embarrassing. Praying for u love," to which Juju responded, “not embarrassing for me embarrassing for him.. but I can use a extra prayer or two thanks.”

There's no word on why Juju and Cam separated after 12 years together. Cam has not yet addressed the break up as yet.

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