By | May 24, 2017

Everyone knows that boundless depths music, in all its forms, can bring people to. For Katrix, it’s exactly that vast expanse that prompted her to end her public, musical hiatus and step into the limelight. Katrix brings with her not only a diverse musical talent, but a sound that she has aptly named baroque-pop. With a sound that combines both modern day pop with a very rock styled vocal approach, Katrix comes into the music world with her very own style of music: baroque pop!

Not only has she come into the industry fully armed with a barrage of musical talent and aspirations, but she is living her dreams and bringing all of her aspirations to fruition. Beyond making a new album, she is currently in the works producing a music film entitled “I am Music.” She is always aspiring to do new things and get herself out to her fans, you can check our her latest and one of her first selfie videos she posted online where she addresses her difficulties with being part of the selfie crowd, while still acknowledging her understanding of needing it to get ahead!