By | November 1, 2016

Meek Mill shares the video to the “DC4” standout “Shine.”

With DC4, Meek Mill may not have erased all that went down between him and Drake last summer, but with all the hype around the release, he certainly reasserted his place in the top tier the rap game. Only Meek’s staunchest foes can deny the visceral energy some the tape’s tracks, including “Shine,” which is proving to be an early favorite. The spirit — one pure inspiration — is in the vein the classic “Dreams and Nightmares Intro.” “Shine” has now become the first DC4 track to receive a music video. Shot in black and white, the new visual shows Meek living the dream with all the Dreamchasers he’s been with since the bottom. After “Shine” plays out, the color switches back on, and Meek raps part “Blessed Up,” another DC4 solo track. Both “Shine” and “Blessed Up” are produced by the duo StreetRunner and Tarik Azzouz. 

Stream DC4 here.