Author: Kris M

Category: RnB

In 2017, Philly saw the emergence a lot dope talented new artists. One artist that definitely made a mark in 2017 and is focused on taking his career to the next level in 2018 is Philly’s own YOG JP. Recently, HipHopSince1987’s own…Read More »

It’s undeniable that Slayer are the founding fathers thrash metal, and play an integral part in the history heavy metal as a whole. Over the course more than three decades, the band created some the most influential songs and laid the groundwork…Read More »

The Battle Academy is proud to present the first 2018 Cypher!! On May 20th The Battle Academy will be holding a new event called “Point 2 Prove – Small Room Battles”. This event features some The Battle Academy’s hottest battle rappers as…Read More »