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Bow Wow Raises Eyebrows Over Iggy Azalea –

On Thursday, we shared a post from Iggy Azalea where she showed f her curvaceous backside, which is something she’s been doing a lot since her music career has stalled. Related: Iggy Azalea gives you a new look at her ass.] While the rapper’s core fans probably want more

50 Cent Speaks On Floyd Mayweather's Future –

After defeating Conor McGregor last Saturday, Floyd Mayweather announced that he would retire with a 50-0 record. Now when a boxer says he’s “retiring” it’s about as convincing as when a rapper says he’s “retiring.” But Floyd is 40, and just got a $100 million plus paycheck. So we

Rick Ross Drops "Jumping Ship" Record –

We haven’t heard much from the boss after he dropped his latest album, “Rather You Than Me”. However, this evening he’s back with a new joint. This solo record is titled “Jumping Ship”. Produced by Reazy and Sam Sneak, the song is typical boss talk, with a little

Iggy Azalea Goes All In On Her Ass In New Video –

It now appears Iggy Azalea is addicted to giving us new and different angles her backside. Which is good news, if you’re into Iggy’s ass. Related: Iggy Azalea gives you a new look at her butt.] Here’s the latest: What do you think? Is that


Flavor Flav Is Suing Chuck D –

Flavor Flav and Chuck D formed one Hip Hop’s classic partnerships in Public Enemy The next time the two see each other it could be in court. Flav is suing Chuck D, producer Gary G-Wiz and Public Enemy’s managers for stiffing him out royalties. According to Flav, he co-wrote